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Bezbariérový dům Jesenice is a leading technology company that builds and transforms
businesses through strategy, design and development.

Customers reviews.

One thing that’s difficult in this industry is getting people to follow through on the things they say they’re going to do. I think that’s probably the best quality of Bezbariérový dům Jesenice – I can always count on their team that 100 percent of what was said will be done.
Lucie Kohoutníková
Mobile Gaming Company
I have been working with Bezbariérový dům Jesen for 2 months now and so far I must say I am impressed with the quality of service they provide. They have been very thorough in my project approach and very creative in the way to tackle some of the issues I have challenged them with. The team also have been very reactive so far to all my demands – highly recommend!
Milan Roubíček
Fashion E-Commerce Brand
Bezbariérový dům Jesenice's process was very deliberate in their development of a strategy – which we liked. They have a system in place that makes it easy to report and track where the progress of project hours go.ce
Roman Turban
HR Software & Consulting Firm


The Four C’s
Our unique combination of insightful cultural relevance, commerce, and compelling creativity connects with consumers’ hearts, converts brand love into sales, and frees the explosive possibility of iconic brands.

At Boomtown we successfully fulfil our clients’ brand objectives by applying our four-step solution – Collect, Connect, Create and Convert.


Collecting deep consumer understanding to uncover cultural insights.


Connecting brand strategy that builds equity and memory structures.


Creating Compelling communication that resonates with hearts.


Converting Delivering sales at the point-of-purchase.


Brand Strategy Consultation

Brand Strategy

A Brand Strategy is a critical first step to take to understand your company. We guide you through the process of identifying your core values, the essence of the company, the voice, identifying the target market, a SWOT analysis of your marketing and your brand positioning statement. Get a marketing agency to assist you for the best results.



Copywriting for Websites

Professional copywriting for your website. We transform the raw description of your offering into an eloquent and concise asset for sales conversion. A marketing company will know how to say the correct things, how much of it to say and what order to say it in.

CopywritinCopywriting for brochuresg for Websites

Let’s write your content for you, to impress your clients with your insight and your passion. For 2, 4, 8, 16 page brochures and above. Your brochure content should be sculpted by a marketing agency for the best results.


Corporate Identity Design

Company Logo Design

Various business logo design options to choose from. You will received the source files, PDF vector file, PNG and JPGs. A marketing agency will create practical and creative logos.

Business Cards

Business Card designs for 1 to 5 personnel using same overall design. Extra business cards are available as an extra cost. This is a single or double sided design. Let a marketing company assist you with a practical design.

HTML Email Signature

Allows for clickable images and test. Solid image (GIF/PNG) versions can also be requested. Your daily electronic conversations should uphold your brand’s values. Let a marketing agency design a practical and creative signature for you.

Poster/ Flyer Design

A5 Double Sided Flyer designs by default. Also request single sided designs. This is more than just a design. Let a marketing company design the artwork around your marketing goals.
A2 poster designs by default. May be designed in other sizes such as A4 to A0 or customer sizes. The content and layout should not be left to pure designers. Let a marketing agency create your artwork to influence opinion.

Displays, Signage and Billboards

Design of displays, signage and billboard artwork. Single sided design at any size. You will receive artwork in print-ready format. Outdoor advertising is expensive. Let a marketing agency create the artwork for better ROI.

Z/C/Trifold Double Sided A4 Brochures

Brochure designs that are easy to store and cheaper to print. First concept : 2 to 4 business days.

MS Powerpoint Presentation Template

Branded MSPowerpoint Template, great for any presentation. Welcome, Content and Thank You slide. You can add your content afterwards or we can, at an extra cost per slide. A great presentation is a core part of what a marketing company assists with.

Company Logo Newspaper and Magazine Adverts

Design at any size advertising for magazines or newspapers. Creative and focused on sales conversion. Print marketing still has a place in advertising. Let a marketing agency create the advertising designs.


Website Design And Social Media Management

5 Page Website Bundle

Your website is your online home. It’s a good idea to impress your Visitors since they may become your friends. You get a 5 page mobile friendly website, easy to edit and grow yourself, 5 FREE stock photos (, FREE or .com domain registration and FREE 6 months email and web hosting. More pages may be requested. It is easy to create a website, but difficult to create an effective one. A marketing agency will know how to design the website for the best ROI.

Social Media Setup & Branding

We set up your social media profile, complete the info and create the branding elements for you. You get access to your profile and can post to your heart’s content. These profiles could then be used to run advertising campaigns to create brand awareness or to focus on direct sales lead generation. Leave your social media activity up to a progressive marketing company.

Fixing and Hardening Hacked (Compromised) WordPress Websites

We will attempt to recover your hacked or broken WordPress website. We can guarantee your website against hacks for 2 weeks, but they very rarely get compromised again. You get a copy of the fixed site for backup. 50% to start the project and the other 50% if we are successful. Fixing a hacked website is essential for Google SEO and for visitors to trust your company.

Email And Website Hosting Services

Includes 99.9% Uptime of website and email accounts hosting, POP3 and IMAP supported, 5 GB storage, 100 email accounts, 1 mySQL database + 1 FTP account. Larger hosting options available for up to 50 GB storage. Supports WordPress and other HTML/PHP/mySQL Websites. Office hour telephonic support available.


Digital Advertising, Content Marketing and SEO


Google Adwords Advertising

Your clients Google for your services and products, so be found when they do. A Google Adwords campaign is quick to launch and more cost effective than traditional print advertising. Your monthly advertising budget is directly paid to Google. We suggest a minimum of R2000 per month, with a preferred budget of R5000 per month and upwards. It is easy to set up Adwords, but also easy to burn through your budget with no ROI. Your online marketing should be done by a professional marketing agency for the best results.

Newsletter Design

We create a design template for your newsletter. offers an easy interface to edit newsletter content. They have a free option (with database size limitations and their logo showing) and a subscription option. This is a once-off cost. You pay Mailchimp directly for monthly subscription, if required. A marketing agency will be able to design a newsletter with a stronger focus sales conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can edit your current WordPress Website with improved Search Engine Optimisation. We optionally have a once-off report where we analyse your website and suggest detailed ways to improve your organic (non-advertised) ranking in Google over time. This covers a 1 to 15 page website. Larger websites can also be analysed.

Monthly Advertising monitoring and reporting

We monitor your campaign to make sure that it runs properly and that you do not waste your advertising budget. We then generate a report on a monthly basis to show what the results are. You pay the advertising budget directly to that social network.

Social Media Advertising

Advertise straight to the social media platform your clients visit. This is the cost per profile. We set up an advertising campaign to achieve the action that you want visitors to take. Includes image advertising design for up to 3 adverts per profile. Larger campaigns are available.

Content Marketing

We write original articles for your website per month and share it across your social media profiles. Adding content to your website will increase your visibility on Google, show people that you’re an expert in the field and build followers on social media. They then come to your site for the full article and is exposed to your products and services. A marketing company with an ear to the ground will be able to create content that inspires action.


Executive Summaries and Detailed Analytics Reporting

Complete Website Audits

Let us analyse your website and identify any weaknesses or missed opportunities. Our report covers : Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) suggestions for better Google position ranking. Technical audit to identify technical issues with your website, which impacts SEO and user experience. Test how mobile friendly your website is. Tips on how to improve your website content for better conversion rate from visitor to sales lead.

Monthly Executive Summary Reporting

Are you getting a proper return on your investment? We can provide comprehensive analytics and a summarised interpretation of those analytics on a monthly basis as part of our Marketing Retainer Service. We can assist you in understanding how people are really using your website and social media assets. We also analyse your advertising campaigns for Google Adwords and social media. Find out what is really happening from a marketing agency with the right tools.